Anonymous: Still a better love story than twilight

lmaooooo I doubt it

I’m sooo tired all the time I was meant to get up 3 hours ago but I stayed in bed instead

Guess nothing’s changed then

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Anonymous: omg No. if you tell a teacher about selfharm they are required to tell people further up school who will tell your parents. 16 at gp may get confidentiality if it isnt 'too bad/dangerous', 18 = full confidebtiality BUT NOT AT SCHOOL. it isnt at all

Oh I thought it was the same at school sorry

Anonymous: yo so those pictures you post like 7 months back of your walk home, they're really good

yeah thank u the sky looked crazy tho!!!

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my friend has made me so happy tonight just reminding me of old stuff aww

Anonymous: im sorry if im bothering u with this (ur blog is awesome btw) but ive been wanting to tell a teacher about my selfharm but i have no idea how to approach him and im really scared to do so and also i dont know what i should say... can you help me?

just be like “I’m struggling atm and I was hoping you could help me” and tell him!! Teachers are trained to help you like that so don’t worry n it will all be confidential as well. Tbh I wanna do the same but I dunno who to tell

euphonioxs: i love your posts so much!! especially your own uploads xx

thank u cutie x

yh I just reblogged 3000 of my own pics n wot